MOCA Venn-Diagram Computation

A third pillar of the MOCA center involves research in the area of scientific computation.  This area of research seeks to develop new algorithms to solve mathematical problems accurately and efficiently, and to uncover the behavior and any limitations of these algorithms.

Associated Projects

Galerkin Difference Approximations: Robust, Efficient, and High-Order Accurate PDE Discretization

Galerkin Difference (GD) methods are a new class of finite element approximations based on a Galerkin projection into a piecewise polynomial space described by a set of known basis functions.

Fengyan's Project Page

The project introduction will be added shortly.

High-Order Accurate Partitioned Algorithms for Fluid-Structure Interactions and Conjugate-Heat Transfer

Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems are important in many areas of engineering and applied science such as modeling of blood flow, flow-induced vibrations of structures, and wave energy devices, and there is significant interest in numerical simulation tools for such problems.  Conjug

Advanced Computational Toolkit for Engineered Optical Materials (ACTEOM)

ACTEOM is a DARPA funded project, part of the EXTREME program, with the goal of developing an Advanced Computational Toolkit for Engineered Optical Materials (ACTEOM).