MOCA Venn-Diagram Modeling

Mathematical modeling is a pillar of the MOCA center and a cornerstone of research in applied mathematics.  The aim of modeling is to provide a mathematical framework from which solutions to difficult problems can be obtained, either analytically or computationally, and solution properties can be optimized.

Associated Projects

Chjan's project page

The project introduction will be added shortly.

Mathematical Neuroscience

This project concerns developing theoretical models of processing taking place in a number of brain areas, mostly early sensory pathways.  One set of problems we have addressed concerns the asynchronous steady state of a sparsely, randomly connected neuronal network.   Another

Modeling and Analysis of Wave Amplification in the Cochlea

The fundamental open question in understanding how we hear concerns the role of a nonlinear feedback mechanism known as the cochlear amplifier.

Research Training in Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Computation

This is an interdisciplinary program for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates that integrates modeling, analysis, and computations with contemporary experimental research.